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TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
this price till 08/07/2020

TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G

SKU : MKP0287702
TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
this price till 08/07/2020
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TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G
Product Details
Product Specification
Product Details

TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G

Delivery & Installation

- This product is sold with Installation Service

- Once the order is placed, Power Buy Staff will contact you during staff operating hours (Mon-Sat, 10:00-19:00) to book the date/time for the installation

- The order will arrive at the delivery address within 3 - 5 working days for Bangkok and perimeter areas. Please allow 5 – 10 working days for delivery and installation in up country

- This service is available to specific area and delivery fee may be applied

Delivery Fees

- Distance of delivery is calculated based on the distance from nearest Power Buy branch to delivery address. Additional delivery fee shall be paid in cash to the delivery staff who can issue a receipt for extra fee for you. For ensure your address is in service fee zone, please contact our customer service 1324 before placing order

- Power Buy reserves the right to cancel the order if delivery address is out of our service zone

Perfect picture and sound
Sony TV UHD LED (49", 4K, Android) KD-49X8500G  is based on important moments with realistic images and acoustic compatibility. Pictures in beautiful details combined with Our Sound-from-Picture Reality ™ for captivating audio and visual performance

4K HDR Processor X1 ™: more detail More natural More realistic
With the Object-based HDR remaster, our 4K HDR Processor X1 ™ can create images with superior depth, texture and natural color. You will see realistic colors at the highest brightness level for incredible realism.

Sound-from-Picture Reality
Our Multi-Audio ™ Acoustic System adds two position audio tweeters on the back of the TV to the Bass Reflex speaker for Sound-from-Picture Reality ™ by precisely adjusting the scene and sound. Your viewing will be more immersive. This feature is available on TVs larger than 55 inches.

Experience the thrill of the cinema.
Enjoying the excitement of your home theater 4

Touch the details again with 4K X-Reality ™ PRO.
With 4K X-Reality ™ PRO, every image is upgraded to the true 4K quality for amazing clarity. The image will be sharpened and updated in real time. Reveal special details in the books and architecture of the library.

TRILUMINOS ™ display: more colors, more brightness
See the vivid colors around you. The TRILUMINOS ™ display maps from a wider color range. Create shades and shadows under a realistic looking umbrella.

This TV is recommended by Netflix.
Experience a better streaming experience with the Netflix Recommended TV. The Netflix Recommended TV is selected for high performance. Cutting-edge smart features And easy access to apps

Beauty from every angle
This 4K HDR TV has a simple design. Allowing you to focus on images that are the most important Actual shapes may vary according to the size of TV5.

The cable is tidy and hidden.
Keep the cable neatly hidden in the stand and fixed with the supplied cable holder. Actual shapes may vary according to the type of cable and the size of the TV. 6

Just speaking, it's fun to discover new worlds.
Find all the entertainment you dream of as fast as you say. With advanced voice control, Sony's Android TV ™ lets you enjoy movies and TV shows from apps or broadcast instantly. 78

Tell us what you want to see with Voice Search.
Get more viewing without having to waste time choosing to watch Voice Search on Android TV ™, allowing you to use Google search to the fullest. Makes you search for content from various services Without having to waste time inputting complicated messages You can also get suggestions, such as asking for a "romantic comedy", then displaying a list of options.

Object-oriented HDR remastering
When having an Object-based HDR remaster, the color of each object on the screen will be analyzed and adjusted to the contrast. Unlike most TVs, the contrast is adjusted according to a single contrast of black to white. Because the object will be remastered separately This TV is able to create images with greater depth. The surface is more clear. And more realistic 9

Dual database processing
One database is used for cleaning images, which helps reduce noise on the screen. And another database is used for increasing the resolution scale, which improves clarity Both powerful databases used to improve these images will work together. Which will update the pixel in real time all the time Each database contains tens of thousands of references based on years of experience building content for our TV and movies.

Built-in Chromecast: fits well with your other devices
BRAVIA ™ supports built-in Chromecast, so you can send all your favorite entertainment such as YouTube ™ or Netflix from your personal device to the beautiful BRAVIA ™ screen. 10 You can send content from Android ™, iOS ™ or your laptop.

1. Price including VAT May change without notice
2. Requires HDMI connection for Soundbar without A2DP wireless audio support.
3. Need to install CalMAN calibration software on your computer Measurement model builder (color level meter, light meter, etc.) and downloading the "CalMAN for BRAVIA" app from Google Play to install on your TV.
4.Dolby Atmos ™ will be available through future firmware updates.
5. Actual shapes may vary according to the size of the TV.
6. Actual shapes may vary according to the type of cable used and the size of the TV.
7. Broadcasting. This feature will vary from country to country.
8.UI simulates the availability of different apps by region and device The use of this TV must accept Google's terms of service and privacy policy. Please visit, Google, Google Play, Android, Android TV and other symbols Is a trademark of Google Inc. Network services, content and operating systems and software of this product may be subject to separate terms and conditions. And may change, stop or stop service at any time And may require registration fees and credit card information may be used
9. X85G / XG85 Series only supports adjusting black to white contrast
10. Built-in Chromecast compatibility depends on the app
11. The app must be compatible with the TV.
12. Actual color and size of the product may differ from the image.
13. The colors and features of the products shown may vary by model and country.
14.4K: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
15. Service depends on each area. One part or all of the software / services that are installed or accessed through the product may be changed, stopped, removed, suspended or terminated without notice.
16. Qualifications and specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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Sony KD-49X8500G

Product Specification