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TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
this price till 02/07/2020

TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T

SKU : MKP0287730
TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
this price till 02/07/2020
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TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T
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Product Details

TV HD LED (32") TH-32F400T

Delivery & Installation

- This product is sold with Installation Service

- Once the order is placed, Power Buy Staff will contact you during staff operating hours (Mon-Sat, 10:00-19:00) to book the date/time for the installation

- The order will arrive at the delivery address within 3 - 5 working days for Bangkok and perimeter areas. Please allow 5 – 10 working days for delivery and installation in up country

- This service is available to specific area and delivery fee may be applied

Delivery Fees

- Distance of delivery is calculated based on the distance from nearest Power Buy branch to delivery address. Additional delivery fee shall be paid in cash to the delivery staff who can issue a receipt for extra fee for you. For ensure your address is in service fee zone, please contact our customer service 1324 before placing order

- Power Buy reserves the right to cancel the order if delivery address is out of our service zone

Panasonic TH-32F400T create stunning image quality with bright screen and natural color processing in 6 shades of HD. Get beautiful images from nearly every angle. Watch your favorite TV shows with vibrant colors with Hexa Boost.

Hexa Chroma Drive
Natural, natural color with 6 color shades. Here you will see the bright colors truly. With hexagonal processing technology, the 6-color Hexa Chroma Drive can create various colors. You can add 3 colors (CMY) Panasonic TVs invite you and your family to experience a new viewing experience.

Wide Color Space
By using Wide Color Phosphor technology, we can create a wider color gamut. Covering more than 90% of the DCI standard, the soft palette is natural and realistic in every scene.

6 Color Reproduction
Hexa Chroma Drive is Panasonic's unique technology that delivers natural color with 6-color processing.

Beautiful images from almost every viewing angle.
IPS screen panel provides high quality optical transmission and wide viewing angle. With LED backlighting, which improves brightness, IPS LED technology delivers high quality images.

Hexa Boost
Watch your favorite TV shows with vibrant colors with Hexa Boost.
Simply press the HEXA Booost button on the remote control to enjoy vibrant color on TV shows, dramas and animated cartoons. And the set of players to the colors as natural as watching live game in the real game.

Dot Noise Reduction
Reduced points in various positions. Of the image to sharpen the image.
Even with the use of HD video, our original video still has some neat spots in it. However, with Dot Noise Reduction, which has the unique "noise reduction" feature and image editing, these 'nods' have been removed from the scene. Almost all sources.

Media Player
Easily view pictures and videos on your TV screen.
Media Player lets you play all your multimedia content on a large TV screen. Be it a photo, movie or music stored on a USB stick, just plug it into the right slot on the TV. You can even set up playlists using a variety of settings options, such as playing background music and effects.

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